The Power of Positive Talk - Douglas Bloch

The Power of Positive Talk

By Douglas Bloch

  • Release Date: 2013-08-08
  • Genre: Parenting
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This is the revised and updated edition of the beloved classic "Positive Self-Talk for Children" which was first published by Bantam Books in 1993. The Power of Positive Talk is a book that teaches children self-esteem through the affirmation process. It is a guide that can be used by parents, teachers and counselors to instruct children how to speak kindly and lovingly to themselves.

The Power of Positive Talk makes affirmations easy to teach, understand, and use. Kids learn affirmations for many situations and challenges such as school and academics, athletics, facing fears, feeling angry, getting teased, feeling depressed, and more. In addition, the book contains special sections of affirmations for a child’s specific developmental stage (infancy through adolescence) and for children with special needs (such as a child with a physical, emotional or learning disability).

What others are saying about this book...

“This is a worthwhile book for many families who can use these very practical techniques in helping to raise children with positive self-esteem. Bloch's book is equally helpful for teachers and others who spend their days working with children and want to encourage healthy development.” 

-Alvin F. Poussaint, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

“Here is a great opportunity to help children think like winners.” 

-Jim Fay, author of "Parenting with Love and Logic"

“The authors send a clear message - words can wound or words can promote self-esteem and well being.”

-Thomas Gordon, author of "PET: Parent Effectiveness Training"