Sweet Liar - Laurelin Paige

Sweet Liar

By Laurelin Paige

  • Release Date: 2019-02-26
  • Genre: Contemporary
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Score: 4.5
From 155 Ratings


British ad exec Dylan Locke isn't looking for love. He isn't looking for fate. He's definitely not looking for Audrey Lind. She's pretty, far too young, and overly romantic--in short, exhausting.

But when the girl, young enough to be his daughter, literally lands in his lap and asks for his expertise, he'd be lying if he said he wasn't interested. In her body, in her innocence, in her philosophy.

In the kind of kismet that starts with kisses.

But Audrey isn't looking for love either--she's looking for lessons, and she's certain Dylan knows everything she needs to learn.

If he agrees to play the teacher can he keep his heart?

Of course he can.

Then again, he might be lying.


  • Fun and sexy

    By Victoria Salcedo
    Absolutely loved this quick read. It’s fun, sexy and I was captivated from the beginning as it pulled at my heartstrings. You will love the characters. I loved the connection and banter. The chemistry is off the charts sexy and steamy and leave you panting and wanting more. Looking forward to reading more.
  • Perfect start to this duet!

    By Dreamy.reads
    Opposites attract. Age gap. Tension and angst. Beautiful heroine. Charming hero. Slow-burning, passionate love. YOU. NEED. THIS. BOOK. I love the Dirty Universe and the heroes Paige has already made us fall in love with. Dylan Locke is the British man I’ve been waiting for! If you haven’t read a Laurelin Paige book, what have you been doing?! Sweet Liar is absolute perfection! ***** Dylan Locke. A gorgeous, British executive and Bachelor who oozes ... appeal and charm. Audrey Lind. A sweet, quirky, die-hard, romantic college student who is naive and fiercely passionate and caring. This May to December romance between Dylan and Audrey had me so entangled and invested in their connection! It made my heart melt! “I was caught. Ensnared in her net. I’d taken the bait, and after one sweet taste, I was captured. There was nothing left for me to do but surrender.” I loved the tension, the fire burning chemistry between these two, their different views on love, the forbidden aspect (because I just love everything and anything forbidden), and the angst. “Yes, Dylan was a good dad. But I needed to focus on the kind of “daddy” he could be to me.” It has everything with a mix of sweet with just the right amount of smoking hot, dirty times. ***** What I really enjoyed most about it was the the huge age difference, but they knew how to work it and take advantage in that fact. Watching these two interact was everything, it gave me all of the feels and I need more! It’s what made this story so unique! ***** It’s no secret on how much I love Laurelin Paige’s books and so when I found out she was writing a duet on the hot British gentleman, Dylan Locke, I WAS THRILLED. I love ALL of her books and Laurelin Paige is the Queen! She never, ever disappoints! I highly recommended and absolutely love all of her books, her heroes and heroines, and how she is able to tell a story, hold your attention and heart captive until the very end! I can’t wait to read more about Dylan and Audrey’s story in Sweet Fate! What a perfect start to this duet! Five dreamy, heart melting stars: 💫💫💫💫💫
  • An absolute MUST READ from Laurelin Paige!

    By TheRomanceBibliophile
    NO SPOILERS! Sweet Liar was AMAZING and a definite MUST READ from Laurelin Paige! Deliciously sexy, sweet, forbidden, and entertaining, the first part of the Dirty Sweet Duet was everything I wanted it to be and so much more! The storyline and characters Laurelin Paige created were phenomenal, as all of the Dirty Universe stories and characters have been, and I can’t wait to devour the conclusion to Dylan and Audrey’s story in Sweet Fate!
  • Love this sweet book!

    By starstacy
    I loved this sweet book about Audrey & Dylan! There is an age difference, she’s younger & he’s older, but that has never bothered me in book fiction & it is integral to the story. Audrey wants to learn what she likes in the bedroom, & she meets Dylan at dinner with her sister & her bosses. She knows Dylan would be a perfect teacher, so she persuades him to help her. He was already intrigued with her, so she didn’t have work too hard! I loved their chemistry & their banter! I also loved Audrey’s character - she’s sweet, fun, confident & romantic. She believes in kismet & finding the one. Dylan has been hurt by love & is now bitter, & Audrey is just the sunshine he needs! I can’t wait to see how kismet works out in the second book! If you love a sweet, quick, fun, sexy read like I do, then read this book!
  • Sexy and sweet

    By Nellsooooth
    Sweet Liar is a sexy short book. The story was about Audrey, a younger woman and Dylan, an older man from London (who doesn’t love a British accent?) This couple was magnetic with tremendous chemistry. The story had a wonderful plot and superb characters. I loved how strong and assertive Audrey was. I also liked that Dylan was level-headed; it made him so much more sexier and appealing. Thank you Laurelin Paige! I can’t wait to read Sweet Fate!
  • Love these two!

    By cindyweidemann
    Dylan is one of the older single Dirty Filthy business guys in New York visiting his young son. Audrey is a 20 something college student in town visiting her sister who is Dylan’s peer. They meet as part of a group and end up as the last two in a car ride to their own places. Along the way Audrey convinces Dylan to be her Professor to improve her experience in the bedroom. It’s funny and super steamy. There are memorable moments in cars, while real estate shopping and in his foyer. It is part of of a duet. Part one ends with them heading in different directions. Laurelin Paige has created another hit!
  • Hot , sexy and addictive

    By AnnettePopa
    Short HOT read !! OMG Audrey and Dylan’s sexual chemistry was off the charts . Boom . HOT !! 20 yr age gap has nothing on these two . Audrey knows what she wants !! Yesss!! I love a bit of a taboo story. I can’t wait for two of this duet .
  • Loved!

    By diego6981
    I loved the beginning of Dylan and Audrey’s story. It was short but entertaining. Audrey has a very energetic lively attitude and brings fresh air into Dylan’s cynical life. Can’t wait to read the end of their story.
  • Breathtaking

    By hlscheuring
    “Breathtaking. That was the word for her. She stole the air from my lungs. She smothered me with her beauty, with her bewitching character. She made me heady and delirious, and if this was what it felt like to die of suffocation, I’d gladly choose this method of death anyday. Every day.” My favorite quote from this AMAZING book! I didn’t want to put it down for even a second. Older guy meets younger girl... SCORE! I loved reading the beginning of Dylan and Audrey’s journey. I absolutely can’t wait to see what the next installment has in store for them! 5 Breathtaking Stars!
  • Awesome!!

    By rlamlt
    Dylan is partners with Donovan. When he sees Donavan’s girlfriend and her sister he is drawn to Audrey. He realizes Audrey is too young so tries to resist her. Audrey is tired of dating boys. She decides Dylan is the man for her. Super sexy forbidden romance. This is not typical daddy kink. Audrey is young but an adult. She wants to be treated like an adult. Great first installment. Bits of angst keep things interesting. Can’t wait for round two!! I like how it touches on the other characters lives. You do not have to read Donovan’s or Weston’s series to enjoy this series. I highly recommend you do as they are amazing!